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Community Development Association


Who we are and what do we strive for

Community Development Association (CDA)  is Non-Profit established under Georgian Law.  CDA has been  founded in 2010 by a committed team sharing the values of democracy,  human rights, social dialogue among estranged community players, and  environmental security as indispensable compartment of human rights.

Our work focuses mainly on empowering of women and providing the social and programmatic opportunities for expansion of intellectual potential and leadership of women and girls, especially in remote rural and peri-urban areas,  technologic evolution of our communities, elimination of digital and technologic divides faced by communities especially in the regions, greening economies and sustainable development.

These challenges require new values not to be imposed on communities, but to be well thought out and reproduced by the community itself. An entrepreneurial inventory, creative entrepreneurial attitude, as well as development and strengthening of SMEs with an orientation on environmental thinking are the important features of this evolution.

We consider the safeguards for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in close connection with the adequate technologic environment -  especially with the technical capability of the communities to receive the information, acknowledge it, process it and deliver the adequate feedback. More precisely stated- we facilitate the competent and respectively constructive public discourse in each community, where we work. Our special Human Rights focus concerns socio-economic and cultural rights, but first and foremost the right to life and Children's Rights in terms of Child Poverty and education field.

 The special aspect of our work concerns the reconciliation of confronted flocks in rural communities via open public discourse and cooperation for solving the urgent community problems with joint efforts. In this work, CDA strongly relies on power and enthousiasm of women as most active agents of change. 

 Please visit "Programmes" directory and "CDA at a glance" section at  FAQ in order to learn more about our profile.  

Where we work

We work at Georgian Coast of Black Sea (especially Colchian Rainforest and adjacent wetland area)  and  Northern Border situated municipalities.

Occasionally, we also work in some municipalities at South-Eastern cross-frontier where all three South Caucasian countries are bordering.